SwimPro® 21

SwimPro sand filters are molded of tough, durable, colourfast polymeric material for dependable, all-weather performance with only minimal care. The innovative ‘box design’ under-drain assembly ensures efficient full flow and balanced backwashing.

Powerline Sand Filter

The Powerline Top Mount Sand Filters offer the lastest in pool technology with smooth, efficient flow and totally balanced backwashing. For crystal clear sparkling water with minimum care, these Powerline Sand Filters set a new standard for value.

ProSeries™ Sand Filters

ProSeries™ high-rate sand filters are high performance, totally corrosion-proof, unitized tank constructed filters that blend superior flow characteristics and features with ease of operation.

31 in. Pro Series Plus Sand Filter

ProSeries™ Plus incorporates the many features of ProSeries Plus satisfies the requirements of the most demanding installations.

SwimClear Single Element Cartridge Filter

for both new pool and aftermarket installations SwimClear™ single element cartridge filters are the industry’s most efficient and easiest to service single element cartridge filters, providing best-in-class filtration performance.

SwimClear™ Cartridge Filters

With convenient features like a see-through cover so you know exactly when to empty the extra large basket, Super II™ is built to last and to perform under the most demanding conditions.

StarClear™ Plus Cartridge Filters

StarClear™ Plus cartridge filters deliver added quality, value and convenience.

StarClear™ Cartridge Filters

Hayward Star-Clear™ cartridge filters provide crystal clear water and have extra cleaning capacity to accommodate pools and spas of all types and sizes.

ProGrid™ Vertical Grid D.E. Filter

ProGrid™ vertical grid D.E. filters provide superior water clarity, efficient flow and large cleaning capacity for pools and of all types and sizes.

Replacement Filter Elements

Hayward reusable cartridge filter elements are made of a superior reinforced polyester material.