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Hydra Slip Lubricant

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Hydra Slip Lubricant - 20g Pot

Highly advanced silicone lubricant specifically designed for swimming pool equipment and accessories.


  • Long lasting silicone lubricant designed to protect rubber and plastic parts from wear and tear.

  • Will not expand or weaken rubber parts or 'o' rings.

  • Use on 'o' rings, seals, hinges, automatic pool cleaners.

  • Hydra Slip repels mositure and is especially formulated for plastic and rubber parts coming in to contact with chlorinated water.

  • Non-staining, therefore ideal for all pool equipment.

  • Great for marine uses. Many applications for boats and also used for diving equipment.

Important Notes:

  • There are many silicone lubricants available.

  • Always make sure that the product you are using has been tried and proven for swimming pool applications.