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Pentair- Onga SilentFlo Pool Pump

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A specially designed sound-dampening pump casing and base make pump operation incredibly quiet, enabling you to run the pump at night without disturbing the neighbours and take advantage of the off-peak tariffs.

High efficiency

Precision-fit internal components and superior hydraulic design deliver effortless performance, energy savings and extended pump life.

Elevated base

Further dampens sound and vibration for even quieter operation and keeps the pump above sitting water which minimises corrosion.

Stainless Steel motor shaft

Extends the life of the pump by reducing corrosion.

Large volume strainer basket

Minimises the maintenance requirement by extending the time between strainer basket clean outs.

50mm barrel unions

Quick and easy to install, while allowing pump removal without flexing pipework.

Dual connections

50mm thread or 50mm quick-disconnect barrel unions. Allows piping flexibility - threaded connections allow for permanent installation - service is still possible y removing the motor and yoke from the casing.

Thermoplastic casing and hydraulic parts

Constructed of our durable thermoplastic composite resin, so you can be sure it will stand up to the hardest conditions.

Cam & Ram lid

Easy to remove, locks in place with a quarter turn, making inspection and cleaning a breeze.

Captive bolts

Easy servicing, no lost fasteners.