Supa Sucka Venturi Pump

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    • Main uses is draining Ponds. Spas, Boats Home and Farm where there is good water pressure from a garden hose.

    • This tool is designed and manufactured  100% Australia made the overall length is 270mm 68mm x 22mm.

    • The best tool you can have for removing the filter media sand, glass beads all filter media. Ask about discounts when you buy filter media from Epools or Just Pools..

    • Just attach to garden hose and using the 2MT 20mm I/D hose on discharge were the hose fits the Supa-Sucka has a outside diameter of 19mm.

    • Insert the Supa Sucka in to the sand filter turn on tap (keep filter sand wet and covered with water) and the water pressure will remove the filter media