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WaterCo Trimline Cartridge Filter

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The Waterco Trimline Cartridge Filters are compact, economical filters designed to effectively filter out suspended solids from your pool.

Trimline pleated filter cartridges are fabricated from pleataed reusable polyester. The media has been pleated to provide a large surface area to maximise its capacity and decrease filter maintenance.

  • Simple maintenance

  • One piece mould construction

  • 10 year warranty (5 full + 5 pro-rata) tank warranty & 1 year on all other components.

  • Waterco Trimline CC50 Cartridge Filter - 50 sq ft cartridge filter

  • Waterco Trimline CC75 Cartridge Filter - 75 sq ft cartridge filter

  • Waterco Trimline CC100 Cartridge Filter - 100 sq ft cartridge filter