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AX20 Activ Suction Pool Cleaner

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Zodiac AX20 ACTIV Suction Pool Cleaner

The new Zodiac AX20 is the latest suction cleaner from Zodiac with state of the art design and functions. It takes the great performance and features of the AX10 and improves on them.

The AX20 Activ is suitable for most in-ground pools up to 12m X 6m (Depending on
location of skimmer box).

The advanced Zodiac AX20 ACTIV pool cleaner, cleans floors and walls on all common pool surfaces and is designed for long service life on even the toughest pools.

AX20 features a new patented engine that has improved cleaning performance and the ability to pick up stringy debris.

AX20’s unique cyclonic scrubbing action provides the ultimate deep-clean performance, by firmly scrubbing surfaces and sucking up algae and fine particles which other suction cleaners can leave behind.

The AX20 has extreme wall climbing capabilities due to its powerful turbine and grippy X-Trax system, enabling it to scrub your pool right to the waterline.

The AX20 also features newly designed tracks with inner groove and track-guard, preventing tracks falling off and ensuring traction when climbing.

The maX - Drive Navigation 360° system enables AX20 to deliver a more thorough pool clean. It’s advanced programmed 360-degree patterns and dual-direction turning, ensures the cleaner covers all area of the pool and can navigate out of difficult areas.

The Flex Power Turbine is at the heart of the AX20 ACTIV. It provides maximum torque while operating at low flow, ensuring the pool system is not burdened.

Featuring a 35cm wide cleaning path and a unique cyclonic scrubbing action, this powerful cleaner has the ability to tackle, stuck on dirt, sand and small debris to long, stringy debris.

Features & Benefits:

    • Unique Cyclonic Scrubbing Action: Sturdy brushes scrub surfaces and suck up algae and fine particles which other suction cleaners can leave behind, providing the ultimate deep-clean performance.

    • maX - Drive Navigation 360°: Programmed patterns and dual-direction turning delivers a more thorough pool clean and gets your AX20 out of difficult areas.

    • Flex Power Turbines: Provides maximum torque while operating at
      low flow, ensuring the pool system is not burdened.

    • X-Trax wheel-tracks: Provide superior grip to assist in wall climbing on all common pool surfaces (Suitable for concrete, pebblecrete, quartzon, tile, fibreglass, vinyl surfaces).

    • Track Guard: Ensures the cleaner climbs without traction loss and prevents track slipping.

    • Removable scrubbing brushes: Are easily removed and replaced making maintenance simple and keeping your AX20 performing well for many years.

    • Clear scrubber windows: so you can see the cyclonic scrubbing in action.

    • Convertible Debris Inlet: The AX20 Activ comes with an adjustable inlet opening depending on whether to capture small or large debris up to 4cm in diameter.

    • Warranty : A 2 Year warranty gives you piece of mind for the quality, performance and support for your AX20 ACTIV.

Features Summary:

    • Mechanical drive technology

    • Cleans floors and walls

    • Cyclonic scrubbing action

    • 35cm-wide cleaning path

    • maX-Drive Navigation 360 deg

    • 12 x 1m Twist & Lock hose lengths

    • Convertible debris inlet

    • Ideal for light and medium-sized debris

    • High grip tracks with track guards