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Zodiac Tornax TX20 Robotic Pool Cleaner

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With one button to start, one cleaning cycle and one button filter release, the Tornax TX20 takes the hassle out of pool cleaning.

The TX20 is packed chock-full of functionality including a Caterpillar track drive system, Real Zodiac® software and three integrated safety systems.

This cleaner captures large debris such as leaves and gum nuts while ensuring constant suction power throughout the cleaning cycle, keeping your pool shiny all on its own!

Features & Benefits

  • Smart motion system

  • Caterpillar track drive system

  • Real Zodiac® software efficiency

  • One cleaning cycle (2hrs)

  • Front scrubbing brushes for extreme clean

  • Three integrated safety systems

  • Large handle for safe pool removal

  • One-button eBox control panel

  • Instant top filter access

Certified to Australian safety standards and suitable for in-ground and above ground pools with rigid walls.
Surfaces: Liner, polyester shell, reinforced PVC, painted concrete, tiles (which can be optimised with a tile brush)
Pool size: up to 8 x 4 m


Cleaning areas: Floor

Length of cleaning cycles: 1 cycle - 2hrs (floor)

Energy source: Self-powered, transformer plugged in to a standard wall socket

Motion: Pre-programmed

Drive system: Caterpillar track

Transmission: Gears

Brushes: Yes

Safety: Beach system, out-of-water safety, electronic motor protection

Filtration system/access: Rigid filter accessed from top of robot

Warranty: 2 years