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Zodiac Turbo Clear Smart Pod 2 (35G) FAST ACTIVE CLARIFIER

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By adding purifiers to a well-balanced pool, protection against bacteria, algae and other micro-organisms will take place. Ensure your pool stays clean by regularly checking the levels of protective products and stabilisers in the water.

Zodiac Smart Pods contain pool water treatment products. The pods dissolve in the pool water like a dishwasher tablet.

Zodiac Smart Pods are also environmentally friendly.

The Turbo Clear Smart Pod treats cloudy pool water within 24 hours due to the concentrated formula.


  • Keeps pool water clear, removes phosphates and helps prevent oil and scum build-up.

  • Takes the guess work out of chemical dosing

  • Easy to use: just drop & go

  • Super effective: clears within 24 hours

  • Environmentally friendly