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We offer free instore water testing.
Come into the shop and drop your water off and we’ll test it right away for you, using the latest in photo metric technology to ensure that the right level of chemicals are added to your pool.
We can also test the water and drop off your chemicals for free.


Using existing or new chemicals, we ensure that you pool is properly balanced with the right levels of Chlorine, PH, Acid and Salt. We’ll empty skimmer and pump baskets as well as ensuring you equipment is running correctly. We guarantee to beat any other pool shops price – Or we’ll pay you 10% of the difference as a bonus for your loyalty!!

Price : From $70.00 + GST


Price : $132.00 + GST


We’ll have your green pool crystal clear in no time!! Aquaman Pools are experts in returning your pool from the dead, leaving you with a clean and healthy pool!! POA


We offer weekly, fortnightly and 4 weekly service cycles
This includes water testing and balancing, Emptying you’re skimmer and pump baskets, sweeping the walls, vacuuming and ensuring that you pool equipment settings are correct. This is a 45 min service and we allow up to an hour just in case there’s a couple of tricky bits we need to attend to. Price : From $114.00 + GST


Contact us for a free consultation


Whether it’s replacing the sand in your filter, changing cartridges or making sure that your pump is working correctly Aquaman Pools can attend to all of your needs.


We can find and install parts and equipment to ensure that you pool continues to run smoothly.


With the new regulations coming into force our qualified staff will ensure that you pool barrier will pass muster.

Pool Servicing inHampton Made Easy

Pool seen better days? The team at Aquaman should be first on your ‘to-call’ list when the water is looking worse for wear, or your system isn’t functioning as it should. Whether you’re after an in-depth clean or just need an expert to provide you with swimming pool repairs you can trust, we’re here to resolve all issues relating to these areas.

Turning dirty pools intocrystal-clear oases

As the weather gets warmer, homeowners begin to think about opening up their swimming pools for the season. But before you can start enjoying your own, there are a few things you need to do to get it ready and risk-free, no matter the time of year.

That’s where pool maintenance comes in, and is a part of the process that should never be skipped. Whether you opt for a professional to take care of the work for you or are prone to DIY, it’s important to ensure your setup is free from health treats, safe and secure, and treated carefully. And that all comes down to having the right products and resources on hand to do so. That's where we come in, turning this aspect of your home into a backyard oasis.

So how do we do it? The team at Aquamanutilises a full, end-to-end suite of high-grade technology and products to:

● Provide a detailed report on the current state of the water
● Thoroughly clean out debris (like leaves, bugs and dirt)
● Conduct monthly pool servicing where needed
● Remove marks and stains, and treat where needed
● Let you know of any potential hazards and unsafe conditions
● Assess all pool equipment, from the pump to the filter and beyond
● Observe your chlorinator and filter, ensuring all aspects are performing how they should. We will also clean them, if required.
● Treat the water with the perfect ratio of chemicals
● Keep up pool balancing and testing methods as required.

Why is it important toinvest in pool maintenance?

It's no secret that crowd-favourite features of Aussie homes require a lot of upkeep. From the initial installation costs to the constant need for chemicals and repairs, keeping up with weekly and monthly pool maintenance can be expensive.

However, both chlorine and saltwater pool maintenance are crucial to keeping your water in good condition and free from health risks. Moreover, doing so minimises the chance of costly repairs down the road, if structural issues happen to pop up or your technology starts to fail.

Beyond all that, here are a few more reasons why it's important to invest in ongoing pool servicing:

● First and foremost, regular maintenance will extend the life of your pool.
By properly caring for your system, you can avoid costly repairs and replacement costs that might otherwise creep up on you. And trust us, they can and do. Furthermore, regular upkeep will ensure your water looks its best year-round. Pool cleaning and servicing will also remove dirt, debris, and stains from your pool surface, making the entire feature look pristine.

● Regular maintenance is also important for safety reasons.
In addition to extending the lifespan, and keeping it looking its best, keeping up with these hard yards also ticks boxes relating to water safety and ensuring it's ideal for swimming. Plus, if you have children, it is also important to make sure that there are no cracks or leaks in the pool, which can cause injuries, structural problems and other expensive wear and tear.
● Finally, weekly and monthly pool servicing prevent algae from growing in the system – and that’s something you definitely want to keep on top of.

If all of this sounds like something you’d rather leave to the experts, call Aquaman Pools now to book in regular pool maintenance near you.